What is it?

Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer arises from a testicle (testis). Around half of all cases occur in men aged under 35 but testicular cancer rarely occurs before puberty.

It is the most common cancer in men aged 15-44 years. There are about 2,000 new cases in the UK each year.

Men aged 35 and under

account for half of testicular cancer cases

For men aged 15 - 44

it is the most common type of cancer

99% survival

where cancer that has not spread beyond the testicles

96% survival

where cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes in the back of the abdomen

testicular cancer


Almost all testicular cancers are classed as germ cell cancers, as the cells which become cancerous (malignant) are those involved with making sperm. Germ cell testicular cancers are divided into two main types (depending on the exact type of cell causing the cancer):

  • Seminomas, which occur in about half of cases. They most commonly occur in men aged between 25 and 55 years.
  • Non-seminomas – sometimes called non-seminomatous germ cell tumours (NSGCTs). Non-seminomas usually affect men aged between 15 and 35 years.

I think I have testicular cancer

What is the next step?

If you are found to have testicular cancer and have been referred urgently to our clinic. Following further investigations, you will normally be advised to have the testicle removed as soon as possible. An artificial testicle can be inserted at the same time or at a later date.

The need for further treatment (radiotherapy or chemotherapy) is determined by the pathology results, the results of your tumour marker blood tests & the findings on a CT scan. Once surgery has been arranged, you will referred to an oncologist for any further treatment and for long-term follow-up.

testicular cancer

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What are the treatments for testicular cancer

Download this leaflet for more detailed information about the removal of the testicle for cancer:

Radical orchidectomy

Download this leafter for more detailed information about the insertion of an artificial testicle:

Testicular prosthesis

What are the treatment costs

Consultation costs

Consultations: £195

Follow up appointments: £150

Treatment costs

Cost of testicular ultrasound: £294

Cost of radical orchidectomy with prosthesis: please contact us for pricing information.

Cost of radical orchidectomy without prosthesis: please contact us for pricing information.

If you have any further queries regarding finance and your treatment cost – then please contact us on 0117 980 4118

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