What is it?

Vasectomy reversal

A vasectomy reversal is a surgical procedure that restores continuity of the vas deferens with the aim of restoration of fertility to the male.

To achieve the best results, the procedure requires an experienced surgeon using an operating microscope.


procedures performed each year by Mr Raj Persad


surgical success rate for restoring the passage of sperm


go on to have a successful pregnancy

15 years


vasectomy reversal


Mr Raj Persad, belongs to only a handful of Urological Surgeons in the UK who have been trained in the microsurgical technique of reversal of vasectomy.

He has some of the most outstanding results in the country with experience extending over 15 years. Mr Persad uses a microsurgical reversal technique which is accepted among experts as the best and which offers optimum chances for success.

Using the microscope he is able to adapt the operation appropriately to the needs of the situation to get the best possible results for his patients.

You can find out more information on Raj’s vasectomy reversal website: http://www.reversalvasectomy.co.uk/

vasectomy reversal

What is the next step?

Book a consultatation with Mr Raj Persad, to discuss your situation.

As an experienced Urologist he treats not only male infertility, but a whole host of other conditions which are relevant to improving sexual health and fertility. This ensures you are properly assessed so that important coincidental diagnoses are not missed (e.g. prostate cancer, varicocele, testicular cancer) and that chances of surgical success are optimised.

Urologists such as Mr Persad are best placed to treat male fertility problems and carry out a vasectomy reversal in the most thorough and holistic manner possible.

vasectomy reversal

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Vasectomy under local anaesthetic is also offered at the clinic, the important things to know are included in this PDF:


The vasectomy reversal procedure

The procedure involves re-joining the vasa deferential (sperm tubes in your scrotum), which were previously either divided and cauterised or tied off using fine sutures.

View this PDF for more detailed information:
Reversal of vasectomy

What is the cost of a vasectomy reversal?

Consultation costs:

Consultations: £195

Follow up appointments: £150

Surgical cost:

Cost of microsurgical vasectomy reversal plus semen analysis: £3457

If you have any further queries regarding finance and your treatment cost – then please contact us on 0117 980 4118

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