What is it?

Low testosterone or ‘hypogonadism’

As men age, and experience changes in blood pressure, they develop gradual problems with testosterone secretion. By and large there is a decrease in production and this is more pronounced in those who are diabetic or overweight.

Age 20 - 30

testosterone levels peak

Age 40 - 70

testosterone levels gradually decrease


is made predominantly by the testicles

Lifestyle choices

can effect testosterone levels

Low testosterone or ‘hypogonadism’


Low testosterone or ‘hypogonadism’ has in the past been regarded as an unimportant finding in the male.

We now know that if left undiagnosed and untrteated, hypogonadism can lead to long term problems for men such as; cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, insulin resistance, reduced sexual desire and performance, depression, tiredness and lethargy and weight gain.

I think I have low testosterone or ‘hypogonadism’

What is the next step?

Book a consultatation with one of our highly experienced doctors. They will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis and identify potential causes of your condition.

The aim of treatment is to treat the cause which may sometimes be due to other hormonal imbalances. Very often in the middle aged male however, treating obesity, inactivity and lifestyle accompanied by gentle and monitored testosterone replacement can reverse the trend and improve health significantly.

At South West Andrology we carefully diagnose, monitor and treat testosterone deficiency as part of our male heath initiative. It is important to keep the testosterone in the important physiological range so that potential negative effects of overtreatment are not encountered.

low testosterone or ‘hypogonadism’

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What are the treatments for testosterone or ‘hypogonadism’

Testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) may be given by tablets, injections, gel or patches. Blood levels should be monitored regularly to ensure that they are maintained within the normal range.

What are the treatment costs?

Consultation costs

Consultations: £195

Follow up appointments: £150

Treatment costs

Cost of testosterone test: £60

Cost of Nebido (testosterone) injections: £230

If you have any further queries regarding finance and your treatment cost – then please contact us on 0117 980 4118

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