Frequestly Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most; about Andrology and the consultation and treatment process.

What is Andrology?

It is the specialist area of medicine which deals with diseases and conditions specific to the male.

What does a Urologist do?

A Urological Surgeon is one who has developed specialised skills regarding problems of the urinary tract. This involves suspected cancers of the prostate, urinary bladder, testes and kidneys; as well as kidneys stones, urinary infections and water flow problems.

A Stone Specialist Urologist has developed expertise in the complex minimally invasive surgery and management of patients with stones such as ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy

How do I book an appointment?

Please contact the receptionist at the Bristol Urology Associates on (Phone: 0117 980 4118) who will take your details including your GP as well as the details of any scans you may have had. If you are insured, the insurance details would be required. A convenient appointment can then be arranged.

Is private insurance required?

No, most patients being treated in the independent sector will have insurance cover. However, an increasing number are funding their own treatment. If this were the case, our administrative team will identify the best option for you.

We are recognised by all major insurance companies as a Consultant Urological Surgeon and are ‘fee assured’. This often implies no added charges for you to pay. Please discuss with your insurance provider the remit of your policy.


What can I expect during my apointment?

Our consultants will take a comprehensive history and undertake a thorough clinical examination. We will review the information that is available from both your doctor’s referral letter and any previous scans.

Further tests/scans maybe required which will be discussed with you, a treatment protocol planned and detailed discussion of any required surgery discussed. You will also be offered the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any queries that you may have.

For your appointment

Our consultants allow ample time for both new and follow-up appointments. Please bring a list of all your medication and well as the details of any recent pertinent surgery.

A GP referral is preferable but not necessary, especially if you are self paying. Most insurers require a GP referral before authorising a consultation, investigation or treatment.

Do you see patients for a second opinion?

We have the biggest Andrology practice in the south west of the UK. We support pelvic trauma and pelvic cancer patients in their sexual function rehbilitation. We also specialise in the treatment of pelvic cancers and our ‘robotically trained surgeons’ practise in one of the highest volume centres in the UK (at the North Bristol Trust). As a result we see an increasing number of private patients who need restoration of quality of life and sexual function after major surgery.

When will I be seen?

Mr Raj Persad consults at the Bristol Urology Associates. He has regular clinic times on Thursday afternoons. He is also available on some Monday evenings and some Friday mornings.

He operates mainly on Wednesday mornings, but there is some flexibility.

The receptionist will arrange a mutually convenient clinic time for you. We will endeavour to be flexible in consulting times.

How is surgery arranged & where does it take place?

If surgery is required, a convenient time will be organised based on the complexity of the operation. You will need a pre-operative assessment and the surgery is carried out either at the Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, The Chesterfield, or at Spire ‘The Glen ‘Hospital.

Operative procedures have identifier codes which insurers and hospitals use. This will be provided to you to obtain authorisation for the surgery number will be required beforehand if using insurance.

What happens after I am discharged from hospital?

You will be provided with a supply of pain relief tablets and anti-inflammatory medication. Other specialised medication such as alpha blockers (improve stone passage and reduce stent symptoms) and anti-cholinergics (reduce bladder irritability) may also be prescribed.

How long will I be in hospital?

Most procedures are undertaken as day case while others require a period of in-hospital stay. Minimally invasive surgery, excellent anaesthesia and early mobilisation enables early discharge. You will be discharged as soon as it is safe and you feel able.

What is the follow up procedure?

This will be undertaken in a timely manner at the Bristol Urology Associates clinic. If you have any concerns prior to your appointment please contact the clinic on 0117 980 4118 or by email

What should I do in an emergency?

Always where possible consult your GP first. Out of hours, please contact the hospital where you were operated on and they will get a message to the surgical team who will contact you.

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